Gyms for Businesses

JymSpace Limited design and custom build high quality spaces that are perfect for relaxation, exercise and enjoyment.

Every JymSpace build incorporates the best materials, a proven and unique fitting system alongside great technology.  Your customers and clients will love using JymSpaces, ensuring they will wish to return time and time again.

Gyms for Businesses

Internal image of a JymSpace showing all the beautiful WaterRower | NOHrD equipment.

Our standards for materials and assembly are extremely high so we have confidence in saying each JymSpace we produce embodies:


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Quality is everywhere in JymSpace.  Quality is always at the top of the list, from design, processes, technology, materials, production, craftsmanship through to support.

Reliable Plug and Play

A wire with a plug on the end

Your JymSpace comes 100% ready to use.  Plug your JymSpace into your electric supply.

A JymSpace can connect wirelessly or wired to your broadband internet connection.

Once these two connections are made your air-conditioned JymSpace will be cool and online.

Service and Support

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JymSpace and our partners are always available to help support you

Limitless Possibilities

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Every JymSpace is unique.  You have the option to choose tech upgrades, corporate branding, specific equipment, storage solutions – just ask, we can design and build to your exact requirement.

You can use your JymSpace as a Gym, a cinema, a home office, a studio, a showroom, a workshop or any combination of.

Smart Technology

Picture of a 65" screen with Microphone, Face recognition and Wifi

Every JymSpace build comes equipped with WiFi controllable LG Air conditioning, high speed data network, internet connected security camera, ultrafast Wifi, Face Recognition and Key fob Door access control, Emergency intercom, Dimmable multi-zoned LED downlighting, 65” Smart Connected TV with soundbar and every electrical socket has USB charging outlets.

Repair and refurbishment

Picture of a spanner and some recycling arrows

Our assembly methods simplify the repair and refurbishment of every JymSpace.  Each component in a JymSpace can be removed, refurbished and replaced.  Your JymSpace can always look as good as it did the day it left our production facility.

Every JymSpace is 100% recyclable.

Totally portable and placeable

Picture of a crane carrying a container

Our transport provider can deliver direct to your site and position your 20 or 40 foot JymSpace wherever you wish.

We work with our partner Natural Green who offer creative landscape designs that can blend your JymSpace into your own environment.


A hand with a money symbol and arrows going around

JymSpace finance partners are ready to talk to you.

There are also guaranteed buyback options you can consider.

Our JymSpace 2 showroom is now open and we are welcoming customers to come and have a private tour of the showroom.  Below are some videos and images of our first JymSpace and our brand new JymSpace 2 showroom.

JymSpace 1 and 2 are both located on the same site.  You are welcome to look at both and see how a JymSpace is enjoyed by JymSpace members.

Click on the button below to Book a Visit to the JymSpace showroom.

JymSpace 2

For our 2nd JymSpace we took an empty 40 foot container, very much a blank canvas.

All the lessons from working on JymSpace 1 were combined with our pioneering CAD design and assembly techniques.

We are exceptionally proud of the end result.