Business & Science Park Gyms - Design & Installation

Perfect for business that want to step up the game in creating a culture and atmosphere where employee wellbeing is a primary focus.

Having a JymSpace amenity at your Business or Science Park will benefit everyone.

Set yourself apart from the competition and show how your business cares about its Staff.

JymSpace Provide a hassle-free, immediate on-site installation that avoids any of the disruptions usually associated with building a new facility.

Hotel Gym - JymSpace

A design-driven luxury space that blows away the traditional concepts of a gym

Positive benefits on this sector:

  • An affordable asset for a Business or Science park.
  • Modern, positive & unique way of maintaining Staff wellbeing & retention.
  • Enhance or develop relationships with other Businesses through the sharing of a JymSpace.

Avoids the planning permission required for permanent structures.

Through improved productivity and morale, the initial investment soon pays dividends.

Not just a Gym but an option to immediately add shared floor space that can be used for Meeting Rooms, Video Conferencing space, Office extensions or Building refurbishment options.

Quality, Plug and Play, Portable

Why not just build an onsite Gym?

 Planning permission for permanent facilities is not always straightforward.  The portable and temporary classification of a JymSpace can avoid this.  Building projects do not always get completed on time or budget, with a JymSpace your costs and timescales are fixed.  Have the best of both worlds with a functional, modern tailored gym on-site, with a hassle-free installation.

How much does it cost to operate a JymSpace?

A JymSpace operates 24 x 7 without the need for Gym Staff to be onsite.  Gym users use an online booking app and door access control is controlled by Face Recognition.   The Smart controlled Air conditioning and thermal efficiency of our structure ensures low energy usage.

We would like a different look to our JymSpace.

We can work with you to customise your JymSpace to your exact specification.   Everything from colour, materials, Smart technology and security can be changed to suit you.  JymSpace use many creative options including wood cladding, panelling, branding or live walling. Any or all of these can be combined with lighting to create a visually appealing product.

How can different Businesses on a Business park access JymSpace?

Every JymSpace user is given access to the online booking system and added to the secure Face Recognition door controllers.

What are the timescales for getting a JymSpace installed?

 We say that a JymSpace Unit can be fully built, transported and operational within 3 months.  If we have a JymSpace ready built that meets your specification, this can be reduced to days.

What will our JymSpace look like from the outside?

We work closely with our design team and partners to create a stylish modern finish to the exterior of the container. JymSpace use many creative options including wood cladding, panelling, branding or live walling. Any or all of these can be combined with lighting to create a visually appealing product.

Can a JymSpace be extended to include outdoor equipment?

Yes, JymSpace partner with an Outdoor Gym equipment manufacturer.

What are your Green credentials?

A JymSpace is made from high quality, renewable and recyclable materials.  We consider the embodied carbon at every stage from delivery of materials, construction through to placement on-site.

Operational carbon considerations are minimised with the thermal efficiency of the building fabric, Smart controlled Air-conditioning and high efficiency Smart technology.

An antidote to the disposable manufacturing culture, with our unique fitting system all JymSpace units are completely reusable, recyclable and can be easily refurbished.

Hand-crafted with the future in mind, our unique product minimises waste and optimises space.

What are Businesses saying about JymSpace

Sally: “We did not appreciate how favorably our Staff would react to this new Staff Benefit.  What surprised us most, was that almost everyone has signed up to the scheme, including those Staff that said they had never considered using a Gym”

Tom: “It’s changed the work environment for the better, a session on a break makes me feel so much better and productive coming back into the office”

Dave: “A fantastic facility to have on our local Business Park, where Staff can go to JymSpace any time of day.  This Staff benefit has been very well received and we are noticing the positive effect this is having”

Sue: “We decided to give all our Staff free Gym membership to the JymSpace located on our business park.  Every member of Staff has been enjoying using JymSpace.  On a few occasions our Directors used JymSpace for some Private video Conferencing meetings using the 65” Smart TV”

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