Design Your Bespoke JymSpace

Choose your size

  • 20 foot*
  • 40 foot
  • 20 foot* side opening

*would accommodate 4 people using at once.

Choose your interior specification

Doors, partitioning, glazing, shelving, mirrors, sockets, storage as well as any specific specification you may in mind

Choose your equipment

We have a range of NOHrD equipment including

    • SprintBok Treadmill
    • SlimBeam Cable Machine
    • WaterRower Original Series

Choose your external finish

Select any combination of

  • Cedar Wood Cladding
  • Custom colour paint coating
  • Logo branding
  • Live walling
  • Lighting

Quality, Plug and Play, Portable

Why JymSpace...?

The portability element allows your JymSpace to be delivered, fully functional and operational within hours.  A JymSpace is classified as a temporary building thus eliminating the planning permission required for permanent structures.  A JymSpace is an immediate and hassle free solution.

To complement our JymSpaces we have partnered with WaterRower | NOHrD who manufacture the most stylish fitness equipment.  Their choice of hardwood finishes are the perfect match for a JymSpace, from style through to sustainability.

A JymSpace can be whatever you want it to be…Gym, Office, Studio, Showroom, Workshop, Treatment room.

Every JymSpace is built with an impressive specification including Air-Conditioning, Face Recognition entry, Smart Media, High Speed network and multizoned lighting.

Private Gym for Businesses

Luxurious Style-Driven Design including a range of Smart Technology Features

Fast, hassle-free Assembly and Installation

Low Ongoing Costs and Built to last Decades


Create an unforgettable experience and have an immediate high quality solution to incorporate and expand your leisure facility.

Business Park

Have a company asset worth shouting about in the immediate location of your business. Invest in something that will retain and attract useful employees.

Fitness Professional / Physiotherapist / Osteopath / Personal Trainer

Tired of renting that isn’t really yours? Invest in something exquisite but affordable, that takes your business to a new level. Have a place of work to call your own, earn you greater revenue and impress your clients.

Homes and Gardens

(Multi-purpose space – Gym / Studio / Office / Workshop)

Don’t just see us as a one trick pony! Our stylish container fit-out delivers a flexible space that is perfect to use for work or pleasure.

Holiday Lodges / Caravan parks / Glamping / Park homes

You get the concept of a temporary structure and how easy it is to transport around, so why not improve you facilities with a JymSpace Unit?

 Sports and Member Clubs

Offering an immediate, hassle-free solution improving your Clubs facilities and offering with a totally unique and forward thinking product.


Do you have land and wanting to develop your existing Air BnB income? A facility that you can not only offer to your guests but generate other revenue streams by opening it up to public use.

Exhibition Unit for Events

Stand out from the crowd with a unique design while also conscious free with our unique construction method that’s completely sustainable.