Garden Gyms - Design & Installation

Imagine exercising in a beautiful space at home, anytime you choose.  No queues for equipment, no worrying about who is looking and no more wondering when the equipment was last cleaned.

Whether it’s Weight Training, Yoga, Rowing, a JymSpace is a unique, private, inspiring Garden Gym.

JymSpace, design and manufacture premium quality Garden Gym spaces that are adaptable and multipurpose.

Perfect for Relaxation, Exercise and Enjoyment. Providing a hassle-free, instantaneous installation.

Every JymSpace is built with an impressive specification including Air-Conditioning, Face Recognition entry, Smart Media, High Speed network and multi-zoned lighting.

Quality, Plug and Play, Portable

Why would I choose a JymSpace for my Garden Gym?

Avoids the planning permission required for permanent structures.

A new concept with a modern way of thinking and unique construction method.

A luxury style-driven design space that blows away the traditional concepts of a garden room or gym.

What will our JymSpace look like from the outside?

We work closely with our design team and partners to create a stylish modern finish to the exterior of the container. JymSpace use many creative options including wood cladding, panelling, branding or live walling. Any or all of these can be combined with lighting to create a visually appealing product.

How long does it take from the order of a JymSpace to delivery?

We say that a JymSpace Gym can be fully built, transported and operational within 3 months.  If we have a JymSpace ready built that meets your specification, this can be reduced to days.

How much power do I need to run a JymSpace in my Garden?

Your JymSpace comes with an external 32A commando socket.  An electrician can run a cable to this socket and your JymSpace will be ready to power on.

How do I get an internet connection into JymSpace?

Our standard specification of JymSpace includes a high speed wired and wireless internet service.  We can connect up these networks to your home broadband, using either a wired or wireless uplink.

What do I need to do to prepare for the installation of my Garden Gym?

Very minimal groundworks are required.

A JymSpace bears it weight entirely through the corners and so placing concrete slabs underneath the four corner posts, or using railway sleepers underneath the corners of your container will suffice.  These supports should be on hard standing and level ground.  We will survey your garden to assess its suitability and advise what groundwork will be needed.

Can a JymSpace be extended to include outdoor equipment?

Yes, JymSpace partner with an Outdoor Gym equipment manufacturer.  We have top deck options that provide a beautiful area overlooking your garden.

How many people can comfortably fit in a JymSpace?

A family of four can all use a 20ft JymSpace at the same time.

What size is a JymSpace?

We manufacture two sizes of JymSpace, 20 foot and 40 foot.  The dimensions of both are shown on our Products Page

How long will my JymSpace last?

We have designed and built a JymSpace to last decades, resulting in a very robust and durable structure.  In the unfortunate event any of the interior space is damaged by external influence our assembly methods allow for any number of panels to be replaced.

What are your Green credentials?

A JymSpace is made from high quality, renewable and recyclable materials.  We consider the embodied carbon at every stage from delivery of materials, construction through to placement on-site.

Operational carbon considerations are minimised with the thermal efficiency of the building fabric, Smart controlled Air-conditioning and high efficiency Smart technology.

An antidote to the disposable manufacturing culture, with our unique fitting system all JymSpace units are completely reusable, recyclable and can be easily refurbished.

Hand-crafted with the future in mind, our unique product minimises waste and optimises space.

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