Hotel Gym Design Solutions

Hotels want to provide luxury, privacy, exclusivity and beautiful personal spaces for their guests.

For Hoteliers a JymSpace will provide a unique and unforgettable guest experience, something a typical Hotel Gym rarely does.

JymSpace Provide a hassle-free, immediate on-site installation that avoids any of the disruptions usually associated with building a new facility.

Why does JymSpace make the perfect Hotel Gym solution?

Adding a gym to your offering will have an influence on hotel choice, as consumers are increasingly expecting to be able to exercise and workout whilst staying away from home.

JymSpace is a luxury style-driven design space that blows away the traditional concepts of a Gym.

Adding a JymSpace will give you the option to increase your room rate as well as contributing to the star rating of your Hotel.

A JymSpace will not only give your guests a brilliant facility to use but will also help keep your occupancy rates high.

With an ever increasing number of people committing to improving their fitness, more guests are mentioning in their online reviews that they would have benefitted from having a Gym at the Hotel.


Avoids the planning permission required for permanent structures.

Instantly adds a desirable amenity that will attract more customers.

Immediately adds value to your overall offering.

Is a new concept with a modern way of thinking and unique construction method.

But don’t take our word for it.

Take a look at these articles in The Hotel Magazine and the Stratford Herald newspaper websites.

Quality, Plug and Play, Portable

Why would I choose a JymSpace for my Hotel Gym Design?

When people are booking place to stay nowadays, they’re looking for an experience and something different.

JymSpace is a completely unique environment, providing a memorable experience for your clientele.

Can I choose the look and design of JymSpace?

We will work with you to customise your JymSpace to your exact specification.

How long does it take from the order of a JymSpace to delivery?

We say that a JymSpace Hotel Gym can be fully built, transported and operational within 3 months.

What will JymSpace look like from the outside?

We work closely with our design team and partners to create a stylish modern finish to the exterior of your JymSpace.

We can use many creative options including any combination of cedar wood cladding, panelling, branding or live walling.

Any or all of these can be combined with lighting to create a visually appealing product.

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